Programming Note

I have decided to run the 2010 National Marathon on March 20. This explains some of my decreased attendance at concerts over the past month, and my concertgoing will continue to be limited until the race is run. (I am planning to attend two concerts over that span; I might add one or two more, but certainly not a lot.) In the time between now and the marathon, I hope to review some CDs by DMV artists and contribute more thoughts on various current states of affairs in classical music.

My thought has always been that classical music is an essential part of my balanced life, which includes a lot of activity with no obvious relationship to classical music. Of course, thoughts of classical music pervade my existence (I do, as noted earlier, rely on classical music to help train for marathons), but so do thoughts of other types of music, and sometimes thoughts of other things intrude while I’m listening to classical music. Still, sometimes I step away to focus on other things, and come back refreshed and ready to go. That’s what’s going on here (I hope).

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